The majority of teaching at EDC happens here! Our podcasts are bi-monthly conversations between our pastors. They cover a range of spiritual and every day topics.

Our groups listen to these podcasts throughout the month and continue the conversation amongst themselves. 

Our blog is written by contributing members of EDC. 


Podcast #5: One Liners - Joyful Discipline?

Psalm 94 - a song about wanting justice and finding joy. 

Podcast Questions and Bible Reference

Psalm 94

  1.  Read verse 12. What is your initial thoughts on this verse? 
  2.  What comes to mind when you hear the word discipline? 
  3. What is the difference between punishment and discipline?
  4. When has discipline been hard for you? When have you found joy in discipline?  
  5. Talk about one area in your life that you need to allow God to do a new work in.


Latest Blog: The Gathering

Once a month we have a "Gathering."

Does that make us sound like a cult? A little bit? Just for clarification purposes, we're not. We picked the word "Gathering" because we don't have another good word to use. Let me explain.